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Monday, November 1, 2010


In my Junior year of high school, our class has a mandatory project to hand in that we work on throughout the year.
For Rania, Axel and I this wasn't only a project that we worked our asses off for (Rania may or may not disagree), it was also a year round experience for the 3 of us in which became good friends and partners.
This website was half of our project whilst the other half is a documentary that you can also find on the website.
Sorry it's all in French but I'll be working on a translation soon.

We worked on films about the Vietnam war, since it ended until now, the effects it had 30-40 years ago on the viewer and the effects it has on a viewer now as well as what a director felt he was allowed to say about the war back then and today. We studied 3 films specifically:

The Deer Hunter by Michael Cimino - Axel
Goof Morning Vietnam by Barry Levinson - Rania
Tropic Thunder by Ben Stiller - Ben (me)

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