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Monday, November 1, 2010

too cold to film... but we did anyways!!

So it was a difficult day, Alyanna and I were continuing one of my application films. It wasn't easy; Axel didn't show up so I had to bring a bike, 2 tripods, a backpack with 1 camera in it, and a case with another camera in it from Soho to the Brooklyn side of the Manhattan Bridge alone.
I got there before my girlfriend and star of my film which gave me time to set up the first shot. When she arrived I was relieved, it hadn't been easy to know that the only other person on the crew wasn't coming, and after dragging all that equipment around a hug was very reassuring (especially Alyanna's hugs). But the happy time didn't last long, here's why:
- we had to film on a the Brooklyn Bridge, on a no biking lane with a bike
- it was about 45°F and very windy, we had to make it look like summer and Alyanna was wearing a skirt.
- we had a lot of equipment to carry around and only 2 ppl
- shooting with 2 cameras at once
- trains weren't working well

besides that, we got everything done and got some beautiful shots.

I've been able to rely on Alyanna for pretty much every shoot with her, she even took a day off work for me. I'm in post production now and it's looking good, hopefully it'll be up soon.

here's a picture of Alyanna getting ready for a shot... before having to take off her sweater.

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