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Friday, November 5, 2010

My latest film (long/rough cut)

Here’s my newest film. It’s a long/rough cut of what I’m going to use to for college applications. I hope you like it.
I especially want to thank Alyanna for helping me on this who was there every time and literally suffered in the cold weather to help get this done.

une courte interprétation de je ne sais quoi... from Ben Fievet on Vimeo.

Monday, November 1, 2010


played by Jacques Onanga

Taken on the set of Axel's new film...

too cold to film... but we did anyways!!

So it was a difficult day, Alyanna and I were continuing one of my application films. It wasn't easy; Axel didn't show up so I had to bring a bike, 2 tripods, a backpack with 1 camera in it, and a case with another camera in it from Soho to the Brooklyn side of the Manhattan Bridge alone.
I got there before my girlfriend and star of my film which gave me time to set up the first shot. When she arrived I was relieved, it hadn't been easy to know that the only other person on the crew wasn't coming, and after dragging all that equipment around a hug was very reassuring (especially Alyanna's hugs). But the happy time didn't last long, here's why:
- we had to film on a the Brooklyn Bridge, on a no biking lane with a bike
- it was about 45°F and very windy, we had to make it look like summer and Alyanna was wearing a skirt.
- we had a lot of equipment to carry around and only 2 ppl
- shooting with 2 cameras at once
- trains weren't working well

besides that, we got everything done and got some beautiful shots.

I've been able to rely on Alyanna for pretty much every shoot with her, she even took a day off work for me. I'm in post production now and it's looking good, hopefully it'll be up soon.

here's a picture of Alyanna getting ready for a shot... before having to take off her sweater.


In my Junior year of high school, our class has a mandatory project to hand in that we work on throughout the year.
For Rania, Axel and I this wasn't only a project that we worked our asses off for (Rania may or may not disagree), it was also a year round experience for the 3 of us in which became good friends and partners.
This website was half of our project whilst the other half is a documentary that you can also find on the website.
Sorry it's all in French but I'll be working on a translation soon.

We worked on films about the Vietnam war, since it ended until now, the effects it had 30-40 years ago on the viewer and the effects it has on a viewer now as well as what a director felt he was allowed to say about the war back then and today. We studied 3 films specifically:

The Deer Hunter by Michael Cimino - Axel
Goof Morning Vietnam by Barry Levinson - Rania
Tropic Thunder by Ben Stiller - Ben (me)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

a couple of snapshots in Bklyn

 On my way to the 3rd Ward in Brooklyn, I couldn't resist the temptation to take a few a pictures of the sunset over a scene that is rare to get where I live in Manhattan.

After all the picture taken I arrived at the 3rd Ward where my mum had kindly offered to give one the coolest bike I've ever owned or even seen.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

photos from a short day of shooting

So as we reached the end of the 100-ft of Double Negative B&W 16mm film (you don't need to know what that means), we all just sat down at L'Orange Bleu to take a breather (not that we needed one).
Axel took the pictures and Alyanna seems to have taken her first shot at being cinematographer.


and a little blooper from the star of the film:

By way of the Green Line bus...

this has got to be my favorite Wes Anderson scene of all time from The Royal Tenenbaums.
I’m not quite sure why but it just never gets old and everything about it is beautiful, touching, and makes me think of any moment in my life i’ve ever had when i’ve seen somebody i love turn a corner, arrive at an airport or even walk out of a bus and wished that that moment could be replayed as many times as possible with the perfect music and in slow-motion.

Un cortometraggio italiano molto bello

i don't actually speak italian but here is something truly beautiful.
a short film directed by Daniele Napolitano, beautifully executed and shot.

Notte Sento (English subtitles) from Daniele Napolitano on Vimeo.

Monday, October 18, 2010

what happens in my bathroom... goes on my blog

don't get excited, nothing dirty, not in the least bit.
this is what my little brother does when he's alone on the toilet.

star wars lego is good...

CGI is NOT bullshit!

Sometimes, even traditional filmmakers have to acknowledge advancements in film technology can be more than just about perfection and can, in some cases, prove to make something truly beautiful.

Here is some real CGI:

The Third & The Seventh from Alex Roman on Vimeo.

... though of course, film will still always have the upper hand in my book...


Distracted from Ben Fievet on Vimeo.

Unconsciously On Purpose from Ben Fievet on Vimeo.

shot on an HDflip camera in art class, around 10 minutes shooting time and 40 minutes of editing.

Director: BEN FIÉVET

Misfit: Part I

Misfit (first Part) from Axel de Chaunac on Vimeo.

So here is a short film that I co-directed with Axel De Chaunac, he’s kind of a master at making “weird”  work.
This is only a part of the film that we haven’t actually finished shooting yet but hopefully we’ll be able to get back to it soon - after all these college apps and portfolios.
Writer: Axel De Chaunac
Directors: Axel De Chaunac & Ben Fiévet
Camera Work: Axel De Chaunac (Ben Fiévet & Xavier F-B)
Cast: Xavier F-B as Aidan, Axel De Chaunac as Mooky, Luke Henderson as The Doctor

this is what has/is to become of our world, our lives

Socialnomics from HOWARD TULLMAN on Vimeo.

This is what our world is turning into. Whether it is for better or for worst it is inevitable. It certainly seems to make everything easier and faster but is there a another side to it besides the obvious way it has altered the meaning of being social.
Is being social becoming purely networked or is it strengthening the way we interact with people outside the networked world.
This video will give you straight up facts that are still growing by the day - can we handle it? We’ll have to. Though the video does certainly dramatize the situation through the music and the facts, we’ve got to see that social networking has become a necessity and nearly everyone will have to conform to it if they haven’t already…